Episode 9: Community Organizers Talk Shop

December 13, 2018


Ian Head, Leah Todd, Sharhonda Bossier, Andrea Colon, Brittany DeBarros, Jacinta Gonzalez, Reggie Harris, Stanley Fritz, Baher Azmy

We’re finally over the mid-term hump, so The Activist Files checked in with organizers on the east and west coasts to find out how the results of the mid-terms will impact their organizing strategies. We asked six progressive organizers two questions: 1) Now that we’re beyond the mid-terms, share your reflections for how the results could impact the communities in which you organize, and 2) Thinking about the political climate we've been battling the last two years, what's next for you and the communities in which you organize? What's a priority? The organizers touched on subjects from comprehensive bail reform and voter suppression to the Safe and Supportive Schools Act and the effect public charge will have on education to militarism, the war, and lawmakers accepting contributions from defense contractors. Tune in to hear the organizers’ insightful views and thoughts for how moving forward they will advance their agenda.

 The organizers are: