Episode 5: Migrating through Immigration

August 17, 2018


Ian Head, Leah Todd, Chandra Hayslett, Lizania Cruz, Obi Nwabuzor

Participatory artist Lizania Cruz, whose most recent art projects focus on immigration, joins Chandra M. Hayslett, Center for Constitutional Rights’ communications director, on The Activist Files. Lizania, who was born in the Dominican Republic, is the Laundromat Project’s 2018 Create Change Artist. Her art shows up in the form of flowers and photography, storytelling and pop-up newsstands. Lizania takes the listener on a journey that examines the parallels in immigrants’ stories, Trump’s influence on her art, and economic justice for immigrants. 

Check out Lizania’s “We The News” art display Aug. 19 at the Black Love Festival at Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling and Aug. 25 at the Jenkins Johnson Project Gallery.

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