Episode 40: Radical freedom through art and activism with Nadia Ben-Youssef & BK King

July 10, 2021


BK King
Nadia Ben-Youssef

“The Activist Files” is excited to cross-promote our 40th episode with “The Artivists’ Room,” Donkeysaddle Projects’ podcast, which features conversations with artists, organizers, and activists, whose art serves as a tool for movement building. For this co-branded episode, Center for Constitutional Rights Advocacy Director Nadia Ben-Youssef sat down for an interview with Donkeysaddle Projects’ podcast host, cultural organizer, artist, actor, and writer BK King. Nadia and BK talked about what it means to reconfigure advocacy work in this moment and how to push beyond reactive work to move activism to a place where we are demanding the world we want. The two artists answered the question “What does freedom look like through art?” by highlighting the importance of art in activism and discussing how creatives transform their radical imaginations to dream of a world where we are liberated. BK closes all of her episodes by asking “If you could talk with anyone in your room, who would it be?” Listen to this episode to find out Nadia’s answer. 


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