Episode 31: Toolkit for the Movement - Standing with Our Frontline Communities and Partners

October 29, 2020

On episode 31 of "The Activist Files," Staff Attorney Angelo Guisado and Senior Legal Worker Ian Head discuss two forthcoming Center for Constitutional Rights publications aimed at supporting communities and activists as they oppose rising right-wing and state violence. Combatting White Supremacist Organizing: Tools to Protect Our Communities from Violence is a toolkit of legal and non-legal strategies for opposing, managing, and healing from white supremacist activity before, during, and after it comes to town. With reflections on past incidents, details on how to use media, legislatures, and the courts, and sample resources, the Toolkit is a comprehensive manual for pushing back. If An Agent Knocks is the Center for Constitutional Rights' longstanding handbook for how to handle interactions with federal agents. Originally published in 1989, it has been updated for these increasingly authoritarian times. The new version includes both the timeless advice included in the original version and extensive updates to reflect the current state of the law and law enforcement tools. Together, these two publications are invaluable resources for fighting back against the dual threats of right-wing and state violence. These two reports are a part of Toolkit for the Movement, a collection of resources from the Center for Constitutional Rights to support and protect our communities and movement partners who are on the frontlines.