Episode 3: They've Got Next - Our Legal Fellows Stephanie, Britney and Noor Approach Bench (Mic)

June 14, 2018


Aliya Hussain, Ian Head, Stephanie Llanes, Britney Wilson, and Noor Zafar

If you know CCR, you’re probably familiar with some of our groundbreaking cases. But who are the people working at the Center for Constitutional Rights? In the third episode of The Activist Files, we talked to our Bertha Justice fellows Stephanie LlanesBritney Wilson, and Noor Zafar—three young radical lawyers who have worked with CCR for the past two years on cases challenging government misconduct, racial injustice, indefinite detention at Guantánamo, and Muslim profiling. They talk Cardi B, people they admire, and what brought them to social justice lawyering.

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Britney's segment on This American Life and her article on The Nation Haas Institute, directed by John Powell