Bonus Episode December 2018: The Migrant Caravan at the border

December 6, 2018


Leah Todd, Lupe Aguirre, Angelo Guisado

On this bonus episode of The Activist Files, guest host and Senior Legal Worker Leah Todd talks to Bertha Justice Fellow Lupe Aguirre and Staff Attorney Angelo Guisado, who have just returned from the southern border at Tijuana, where they provided hands on legal support to asylum-seekers, along with Center for Constitutional Rights client and partner Al Otro Lado. Lupe and Angelo discuss what they witnessed, the differences in the way the media describes the situation and what is actually happening on the ground, and our case challenging Donald Trump’s unlawful attempt to limit asylum. They also describe uplifting moments, including attending three weddings in one week! Give it a listen and share this first-hand account of the caravan—in Angelo’s words, “an organized response to the collective need to seek safe-haven and refuge.”

Al Otro Lado
New Sanctuary Coalition
Hope Border Institute
Detained Migrants Solidary Committee
Immigrant Defenders Law Center