Racial Justice on Trial panel featuring CCR Staff Attorney Sunita Patel


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Join CCR Staff Attorney Sunita Patel for a discussion about the Floyd v. City of New York decision among many civil rights and racial justice court cases from around the country to discuss the future of civil rights lawyering.

"The Summer of 2013 presented sharply distinct possibilities for civil rights broadly and for racial justice in particular.

Satisfying court victories vindicated marriage equality and the right against racial profiling, but at the same time, the Supreme Court gutted the crown jewel of the civil rights movement—the voting rights act—and placed the future of affirmative action in jeopardy. This came at the heels of a wrenching debate about the Zimmerman verdict, raising profound questions about the colorblindness and neutrality in matters pertaining to race and innocence.

For many, the summer is a sobering reminder of the limits of law, and for others a symbol of its great promise. Are these implications reconcilable? What are the prisms most helpful in understanding the future of civil rights and its implications for scholarship, lawyering, and activism?"

What: Racial Justice on Trial: What is the verdict after the Summer of 2013?
Where: Columbia Law School, Jerome Green Hall 103
When: Monday, October 7th at 6:30 p.m.

*Eligible for 2 CLE Credits in Professional Practice

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