OBAMA: One Year Later. Change?


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A year ago, hopes ran high that a newly -elected President Obama would undo the shameful legacy of the Bush Administration - - a legacy that includes torture, preventative detention, and rendition policies; private military contractors who abuse human rights with impunity; and Guantanamo.

Join CCR Executive Director Vince Warren, CCR President Michael Ratner, and CCR Staff attorneys in a discussion about the Obama administration's progress (or lack thereof) in restoring human rights over the past year, and learn how the Obama presidency has impacted CCR's clients, cases, and the Constitution. CCR's Education and Outreach Director Annette Warren Dickerson will serve as the moderator, and there will be a reception with the speakers following the discussion.

The program will begin promptly at 6pm.

Come hear what CCR is doing to push President Obama to show true leadership on civil liberties and human rights, and what you can do to demand justice and real change in 2010.


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February 5, 2010