International Conference on Transnational Corporations and Human Rights - Berlin, Germany


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As a result of globalization, transnational corporations have not only extended their economic activities, but also their sphere of influence in social, political, cultural and ecological terms. The annual revenue of some corporations exceeds that of the gross national product of many countries. These corporations play an important role in international affairs as well as the generation of international law. For this reason transnational corporations are gaining a more and more powerful position in respect to national governments. Transnational corporations are often criticized for their involvement in gross human rights violations - nevertheless, holding transnational corporations legally accountable is problematic - there is a lack of applixable norms, as well as consequent implementation of existing legislation, the extent to which, if at all transnational corporations are directly bound to international law and human rights standards remains in question.

The ECCHR is organizing an international conference in cooperation with "Brot fur die Welt" and MISEREOR on "Transnational Corporations and Human Rights." The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) is an independent, nonprofit civil society organization founded by a small group of well-known human rights lawyers.

CCR President MICHAEL RATNER, Vice-President PETER WEISS and Staff Attorney KATHERINE GALLAGHER wo;; speak at this important conference.

Limited to 120 participants. Conference will take place in English and German. There is no fee, but registration is appreciated at



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