“I Am Going to Fight This”: Floyd and the Ongoing Campaign to End Racist Policing in NYC


Add to My Calendar Friday, November 3, 2023 9:00am to 5:00pm


40 Washington Square South
NYU School of Law
New York, NY 10012

The Center for Constitutional Rights, together with NYU Review of Law & Social Change, NYU’s Ending the Prison Industrial Complex, and NYU’s National Lawyers Guild Chapter, are bringing together law students, lawyers, organizers, and impacted community members for a one-day symposium on Friday, November 3. This event will be an opportunity to reflect on the historic ruling in Floyd, et. al v. City of New York, to discuss lessons learned in the last decade of struggle for police reform and accountability, and to imagine a future of abolition and community safety. 

Center for Constitutional Rights Legal Director Baher Azmy will join Judge Shira Scheindlin, who issued the landmark ruling in 2013, for a keynote conversation. Panelists include: Floyd plaintiff David Ourlicht, Center for Constitutional Rights Staff Attorney Samah Sisay, CCRB Director of Racial Profiling and Biased Policing Investigations Unit Darius Charney, NAACP Legal Defense Fund organizer Obi Afriye, former Communities United for Police Reform director Joo-Hyun Kang, and other organizers from the fight against racist policing practices. 

Join us to envision the next 15 years of struggle and community safety beyond policing!

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NYU Review of Law & Social Change and The Center for Constitutional Rights present "I Am Going to Fight This!" 10 Years Since Floyd v. City of NY & the Ongoing Campaign to End Racist Policing in NYC. Keynote: Judge Shira Scheindlin, author of the historic decision holding stop & risk unconstitutional, in conversation with CCR's Baher Azmy. Panels: The Historic Legal-Organizing Campaign to End Stop & Frisk with plaintiffs, organizers, & lawyers. Toward Abolitionist Futures with activists, strategists, and visionaries. Nov 3, 2023 9am - 5pm NYU Law Greenberg Lounge


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