How Do We Correct Reproductive Wrongs?


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This workshop will take place at the 70th Annual National Lawyers Guild Convention in Washington, DC.

1:30 PM - 2:45 PM

Recent restrictions on abortion rights and access to contraception at the federal and state levels, including the Supreme Court’s recent decision concerning the federal abortion ban, have further rolled back women’s right to self-determination and control of their reproduction. In the face of these persistent attacks on our rights, what legal and organizing strategies and analysis are useful in our work to try to defend and advance the struggle for reproductive justice?

In this workshop, presenters will discuss: putting our struggle into a reproductive justice framework; the implications of the Supreme Court’s recent decision and related state bans on access to abortion; tools and strategies that participants can use in their communities and nationally in their work on these issues; and a perspective on some of the past and recent victories and lessons from women’s liberation that can be applied to our work today. Workshop participants and presenters will also discuss and critically evaluate the pros and cons of various legal, organizing and policy approaches and present possible ideas for action.

Speakers: Andrea Costello, Staff Attorney, Center for Constitutional Rights (moderator); Laura Jimenez, Sister Song; Natalie Maxwell, attorney, Southern Legal Counsel, Inc.

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November 2, 2007