Documenting Obama's Wars: A Roundtable Discussion


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The Center for Constitutional Rights is a co-sponsor of this roundtable discussion organized by Pakistan Solidarity Network (PSN). The discussion will feature Sarah Knuckey (NYU Law) and Naureen Shah (Columbia Law), co-authors of two recent separate reports on the U.S. drone program in Pakistan which examine its human and political costs, and lend insight into how the U.S. government's paramilitary bureaucracy functions. The reports' authors will be joined by Madiha Tahir, an independent journalist and PhD candidate who has interviewed drone survivors and victims, and also traveled to the tribal areas to meet the people who live under the drones. The discussion will be chaired and moderated by Zohra Ahmed (PSN, Fordham Law).  

What:  Documenting Obama's Wars, a Roundtable Discussion
When: Friday, December 7th at 6:30 p.m.
Where: 295 Lafayette Street, 4th Floor
Who: Zohra Ahmed (Fordham Law, PSN), Sarah Knuckey (NYU Law), Naureen Shah (Columbia Law), Madiha Tahir (independent journalist, Columbia University)

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Organized by Pakistan Solidarity Network (PSN), Center for Constitutional Rights, and the Radical Film and Lecture Series

Zohra Ahmed is a member of Pakistan Solidarity Network (PSN), and a third-year law student at Fordham Law School.

Sarah Knuckey is one of the co-authors of the Stanford Law School and New York University Law School report “Living Under Drones.” She is an Adjunct Professor of Clinical Law and Director of the Project on Extrajudicial Executions and the Initiative on Human Rights Fact-Finding at the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at NYU School of Law. From 2007-2011, Professor Knuckey was the Advisor to the UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions. She has investigated and provided legal and policy advice on a range of humanitarian and human rights concerns, including indigenous rights, counter-terrorism, torture, rape, the right to life, and the liability of transnational corporations and other non-state actors for human rights abuses.

Naureen Shah is a lecturer-in-law and the Acting Director of the Human Rights Clinic at Columbia Law School. She is co-author of two reports on drone strikes: "The Civilian Impact of Drones" with the Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) and "Counting Drone Strike Deaths," a study of civilian casualty estimates in news media. She is also the Associate Director of the Counterterrorism & Human Rights Project at the law school's Human Rights Institute and has recently conducted research and advocacy on related issues such as terrorism prosecutions in the United States, national security detention practices and torture.

Madiha Tahir is an independent journalist reporting on conflict, culture and politics in Pakistan and a PhD candidate at Columbia University. Most recently, she has interviewed drone survivors and traveled to the tribal areas. Her work has appeared in various media outlets including Foreign Affairs, The Wall Street Journal, The New Inquiry, Caravan, The National (UAE), The Columbia Journalism Review, BBC and PRI's "The World," Democracy Now! and Global Post among others. She has traveled extensively throughout Pakistan from Balochistan to Swat to report on the floods, the Baloch separatist movement, Sufi music, the salience of nationalism and religion, Islamist organizations and national electoral politics.  She is also co-editor of Dispatches from Pakistan.


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