Demonstrate for Human Rights in Haiti


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Join CCR from 8:00am - 10:00am at a demonstration in front of the Supreme Court of New York in Brooklyn, NY to let Judge Gerges know that Toto Constant must stand trial!

Emmanuel “Toto” Constant is the former head of the death-squad FRAPH, which helped murder some 5,000 Haitians during the 1991-94 coup d’état in Haiti. Since June 1996, Constant has had political asylum in the U.S., working as a real-estate and mortgage broker in Queens and Long Island.

In July 2006, New York State authorities arrested Constant for mortgage fraud, charging him with grand larceny. In May 2007, Judge Abraham Gerges withdrew a plea bargain that Constant had negotiated and said he must stand trial.

Under a plea bargain, Toto would be sent back to Haiti, where he would surely be freed. To uphold justice and keep him behind bars, Haitians are calling for Constant to be tried in New York for grand larceny, which carries a 25-year sentence.

On November 29th, Judge Gerges will decide whether to try Constant or grant him a plea bargain. Please join us to demand that Toto stand trial for mortgage fraud!

Endorsed by: Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), Fanm Lakay, Fanmi Lavalas-NY, Haiti Support Network (HSN), KAKOLA, Pawòl Fanm

For more information, call (212) 614-6481 or (646) 352-1705.

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November 20, 2007