Courts and Anti-Migrant Border Policy: The Transnational Litigation Landscape


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Washington, DC

Center for Constitutional Rights Staff Attorney, Diala Shamas, will join the American Society of International Law on March 29, 2019 in Washington, DC at the 113th ASIL Annual meeting for thier "Courts and Anti-Migrant Border Policy: The Transnational Litigation Landscape" panel discussion.

This session will examine how policies designed to restrict migration at the fault lines between the "global north" and the "global south" have been challenged through litigation initiatives. Looking at examples from the US, the European external borders, and the Australian-pacific region, speakers will comparatively examine migration or refugee bans for particular religious or ethnic groups, and the historical origins of such bans; family separations and their review by immigration tribunals, and the extent to which governments are cooperating transnationally to consolidate anti-migrant border governance regimes. Speakers will also reflect on the role of litigation and courts in political campaigns aiming to foster greater transnational movement and regional integration.


For more information on this session and the 13th ASIL Annual meeting , visit the confrence website 

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March 22, 2019