"Above the Law”: Police Brutality and Human Rights


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CCR attorney Kamau Franklin will be apart of a panel disccusion with a focal topic of Police Brutality and Human Rights. This panel discussion is part of a two day workshop event for social justice advocates interested in developing human rights strategies to end police brutality and human rights violations. Through identifying shared advocacy goals, we will work to develop concrete strategies for using human rights mechanisms to expose and end police brutality, and to bring about justice for victims of human rights violations. The workshop will use a human rights lens to tackle a range of issues including the following:

  • The historic and contemporary structures and lack of systems of accountability that allow police brutality to occur;
  • Preventing, exposing, and remedying abuses through transparent monitoring mechanisms and strong oversight bodies accountable to communities most affected;
  • Identifying unique issues that face communities particularly vulnerable to police abuses, including people of African descent and other communities of color, working-class communities, women, the homeless and LGBT communities.

Mr. Franklin's panel discussion will be at 1:15 pm – 2:15 pm: Vulnerable Groups Part 1: People of African Descent, People of Color, Immigrant Communities

Contact Information: Ashwini Hardikar: (212) 549-2663, ahardikar@aclu.org

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April 3, 2008