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Creating Black Futures | Week 1

In our weekly call to action, we will highlight different partners and organizations who are doing movement work today to create a better tomorrow. We invite you all to continue to educate yourselves around the issues confronting Black communities and to contribute to the leaders who are working to create solutions so we are not facing the same issues in the future.

This week our call to action is focused on the legacy of voting rights work of activist Fannie Lou Hamer in the South. We’ve chosen to highlight a few organizations whose work builds off the powerful work of Fannie Lou Hamer and other Black Southern voting rights organizers.

Movement 4 Black Lives Electoral Justice League: The Electoral Justice League project from Movement 4 Black Lives chooses 12 to 15 emerging or seasoned leaders within Black communities to be fellows. The program equips these leaders with tools and resources to enter the electoral process, mobilize Black voters, and change the conversation about what a “leader” looks like.

Spread the Vote: Spread the Vote seeks to address the current realities of exclusion due to lack of identification that voters face by helping them gain access to identification documents. An estimated 117,181,591 eligible voters didn't vote in the 2018 midterm elections. Spread the Vote creates tools to make voting more accessible for Black and low income communities of voters across the country.

Forward Justice: Forward justice is a nonpartisan law, policy, and strategy center dedicated to advancing racial, social, and economic justice in the U.S. South.The organization is committed to transformative change by being a partner to social change movements that center the voices of impacted communities. With a focus on the southern United States, Forward Justice knows that if you change the South you can change the world.

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February 2, 2021