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News: More Buffalo residents sue over discriminatory traffic ticketing

More Buffalo residents sue over discriminatyr traffic ticketing

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On Thursday, five Black residents of Buffalo joined a lawsuit against the City over its racially discriminatory traffic ticketing practices. The lawsuit, Black Love Resists in the Rust , et al. v. City of Buffalo, alleges that for seven years the City of Buffalo has targeted Black and Latinx drivers and neighborhoods for aggressive traffic enforcement to generate revenue and make up for budget shortfalls.

“The checkpoints and over-ticketing are radicalized criminalizations that are painted as public safety measures, but that’s not the truth,” said Marielle Smith, a community organizer with Black Love Resists in the Rust, a plaintiff in the lawsuit. “This case is a huge narrative shift from the status quo that the mayor and council say is needed to ensure public safety. It’s powerful when we are able to collectively say, ‘no, this is not keeping us safe.’”

“As a Buffalo native, I’ve been horrified to see how Black and Brown motorists are being profiled and ticketed by the police for financial gain, with Mayor Byron Brown’s blessing. Buffalonians already crushed by COVID-19 are being dragged further into debt by the City and losing access to the vehicles they need to survive,” said Staff Attorney Chinyere Ezie

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April 27, 2020