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Dispatches from the Border 11/26/18

Center for Constitutional Rights Bertha Justice Fellow Lupe Aguirre and Staff Attorney Angelo Guisado are at the southern border helping asylum seekers. Below is a report of today's events from Lupe.

It's been a long day traveling from the LA area early this morning since I couldn't cross into TJ [Tijuana] yesterday as I had originally planned. Today we met with about 20 UACs [unaccompanied alien child] and did intakes and consultations with them. The day ended on a high note since we got some youth back from Mexican immigration right before we finished the day--gotta take the victories when/where we can. This is amazing since UACs are especially and particularly vulnerable here--getting detained by the Mexican feds can mean quick deportations for them and we were really worried about them. I am humbled by the efforts of the folks and volunteers down here. 

I am also really disappointed with the characterization of the events from Sunday. I think it's really important to counter the mainstream narrative. [Here is] a post from a volunteer I'm working with who was one of the few volunteers on the ground during yesterday's chaos if you want to get another perspective as to what happened. Loreili is an immigration attorney in NYC.

Photo credit Loreili Williams.

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November 28, 2018