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It's time to renew our calls to action: #NoMuslimBanEver

#NoMuslimBanEver Week of Resistance

The Muslim and refugee bans are back in the courts this week. The resistance is ready.

On January 27th and again on March 6th, the Trump Administration issued executive orders that barred travel from six Muslim-majority nations and suspended the refugee program for 120 days. After federal judges in Hawai’i and Maryland blocked the implementation of significant parts of the executive order, the federal government appealed.  Yesterday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals held a hearing on the executive order in the case of IRAP v. Trump. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will do the same in Seattle on May 15th in the case of Hawai’i v. Trump.

The Trump Administration’s announcement of the first executive order on January 27th sparked opposition around the nation. At airports and city centers, people gathered to say, “No Muslim Ban” and “Refugees are welcome.” Lawyers organized efforts to assist travelers subjected to the Muslim ban at Dulles Airport and O’Hare. In New York City, taxi drivers at JFK Airport went on strike to join the protesters and Yemeni bodega owners shut down their businesses to demonstrate their opposition to the executive order. Around the nation, nearly 40 cases challenging the constitutionality of the executive orders were brought by states and aggrieved individuals.

The resistance on the ground, on the streets, in the media, and at airports paved the way for the legal victories that have blocked the implementation of both executive orders. As two appellate courts hear the government’s appeals, it is time to renew our calls to action. That is why organizations and individuals around the nation are engaging in activities to mark a National Week of Resistance, bookmarked by the two appellate hearings.

Here are four ways that you can join the National Week of Resistance:

  1. Join the Conversations.  Participate in two Twitter town halls on May 9th and May 15th at 2PM EST/11AM PST using #NoMuslimBanEver
  2. Hold Your Own Event.   Organize discussions, forums, and direct actions to highlight the injustices of the Muslim and refugee bans. Submit your event here and ask for resources and assistance.
  3. Participate in Scheduled Events.  Check the Calendar of Resistance and take part in the events that are happening around the country.
  4. Support Organizations. Commit to supporting organizations that work directly with people affected by the Muslim and refugee bans with your time, financial assistance, or skills. Find a list of groups here.

For resources including a simple guide and the calendar of resistance, please visit

Deepa Iyer is an attorney, writer and activist. She coordinates MASA Organizing, which support communities resisting criminalization policies, with Arjun Sethi, Linda Sarsour, and Laura Li.

Last modified 

May 9, 2017