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CCR Supports the Water Protectors and Defenders of Standing Rock #NODAPL

The Center for Constitutional Rights stands in solidarity with the indigenous water protectors of the Oceti Sakowin (Great Sioux Nation) and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe as they and their allies continue to stand up to private and government forces supporting the illegal construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The construction of the pipeline would violate federal laws, such as the National Environmental Policy Act and breaches the terms of the 1851 and 1868 Ft. Laramie Treaties between the Oceti Sakowin and the United States, and it continues the violent, racist, and genocidal legacy of the U.S. government in regards to Native people, their land, and self-determination.

Here is a list of resources and recent articles regarding what is going on in Standing Rock as of November 2, 2016:

- How to Talk about #NoDAPL: A Native Perspective:

- UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigienous Peoples:

- Who’s Banking on the Dakota Access Pipeline?

- Sacred Stone Camp on FB:

- Donate to Medic and Healer Council:

- Democracy Now piece on use of force against water protectors:

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November 2, 2016