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The Secret US Prisons You've Never Heard of Before: Will Potter

Here at CCR, we often have the privilege of working closely with independent journalists to uncover civil and human rights abuses.  From early in 2007, when CCR first began exploring “the green scare,”—government repression of animal rights and environmental activists—we have frequently relied on the award-winning investigative reporting of journalist and TED Senior Fellow Will Potter, to deepen our defense of these movements under attack. Today, we are thrilled to share Will’s most recent TED talk, which focuses on the Federal Bureau of Prison’s Communication Management Units (CMUs). Will makes excellent use of the previously-undisclosed documents and policies CCR uncovered in Aref v. Holder, CCR’s challenge to the CMUs.  While we lost our constitutional challenge to the CMUs last year (and are currently appealing that decision), that we can share the details of how these previously secret units operate with important journalists like Will must be seen as some measure of success without victory

Please watch and share Will's new TED talk exposing the CMUs.

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March 17, 2017