Gaza Freedom Flotilla

On May 31, 2010, a six-boat flotilla, carrying more than 700 civilians from almost 40 countries seeking to bring humanitarian and rebuilding supplies to the Gaza Strip as well as to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, was overtaken by Israeli commandos in international waters. Nine passengers were killed, including Furkan Doğan, a U.S. citizen.

The underlying blockade and the attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla both constitute serious violations of international law. Through advocacy, legal analysis and educational materials, and Freedom of Information Act requests and litigation, CCR continues to seek information regarding these breaches of international law, answers about the U.S. role in and knowledge of the attack and its position vis-à-vis the continued blockade, and an end to the illegal policies and practices that result in the “collective punishment” of the people of Gaza and attacks on civilians seeking to assist Palestinians in Gaza.

 See the CCR v. Department of Defense case page for documents regarding our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit and the thousands of pages of documents we have received from the various U.S. agencies and departments about the U.S. knowledge of, and response to, the attack on the flotilla.


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