Film: Hassan v. NYPD


In a Pulitzer Prize-winning series of stories, the Associated Press revealed through leaked documents that the New York Police Department (NYPD) had secretly launched a vast program of human mapping and surveillance carried out by a so-called "demographics" unit that targeted Muslim communities in New York, New Jersey, and beyond. For years, officers and informants had been spying on hundreds of mosques, student groups, and Muslim-owned businesses, solely on the basis of religion or ethnicity. Produced by Flatbush Pictures, HASSAN V. NYPD tells the dramatic story of how ten New Jersey plaintiffs--a group of imams, college students, business owners, school teachers, and a U.S. army sergeant--came together to stand up to the NYPD in a critical fight for equal protection under the Constitution and how they won. 

Hassan v. NYPD: Film One-Pager

You can find out more information about the Center for Constitutional Rights and Muslim Advocates lawsuit on our Hassan v. City of New York case page. This film was made possible with the support of The Atlantic Philanthropies.


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September 8, 2021