DHS "Race Paper"

The DHS Office of Intelligence and Analysis (“I&A”) produced several emails sent in early 2017 between their personnel concerning a document they referred to as the “Race Paper.” Each email attached a separate version of the document, and some emails contain some feedback from DHS personnel on the structure of the document, call for in-person meetings to discuss the paper, and expressly mention “drivers” and “indicators."

All versions of the “Race Paper” itself were produced to us, but in completely redacted form – nothing, not even the official title of the document, is visible. DHS claims the document is exempt from release to the public under certain statutes. Considering the documents are all fully black out, we are thus left to speculate, as to why DHS would prepare a document it refers to only as the “Race Paper” and then closely guard its contents, even to the point of concealing its actual title and a basic description.

Published Date 

Wednesday, May 22, 2019