Unjust By Design: Criminal Legal System

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Join the Center for Constitutional Rights June 3 - 6, 2022, for a virtual screening of A Crime on the Bayou and an exclusive discussion on the struggle against racism in the Jim Crow South. In the powerful documentary, Gary Duncan tells the story of his righteous fight against Jim Crow and a legal battle that would ultimately put the anti-Black legal regime on trial at the Supreme Court. 

The film will become available for viewing on Friday, June 3, 2022, at 12 pm ET. Screening access is limited and only available until 11:59 pm June 6, 2022. Register now to secure your spot!


Gary Duncan, A Crime on the Bayou
Armand Derfner, Attorney, A Crime on the Bayou 
Norris Henderson, Executive Director, VOTE

Moderated by Emily Early, Associate Director, Southern Regional Office, Center for Constitutional Rights

By Design | Freedom Flicks Spring/Summer 2022 Season 

The Center for Constitutional Rights is proud to present By Design, our Spring/Summer 2022 Freedom Flicks Film Series. This season tells a story of a carceral society and a criminal legal system that is cruel, unjust, and racist, by design. With films exploring the harsh realities of immigration detention and the racist legacy of Jim Crow, audiences will be invited to consider the shared roots of these systems of confinement and social control. Join us for evenings of storytelling by those most impacted by these systems, and for discussions featuring the filmmakers, activists, and members of the Center for Constitutional Rights staff. Our hope is that in recognizing these oppressive systems as not broken, but rather designed to dehumanize, criminalize and exclude marginalized communities, we will demand an end to these systems and collectively commit to building life-giving institutions of safety for all.

06/03/2022 12:00 PM to 06/06/2022 11:59 PM
United States
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Interest Areas Discriminatory Policing, Mass Incarceration, Racial Injustice
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