Noor Zafar on Al Jazeera
February 9, 2017
Bertha Justice Fellow Noor Zafar joined Al Jazeera English to discuss the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling upholding the stay on Trump's Muslim ban: "The president of the United States cannot...
Vince Warren on Democracy Now
February 10, 2017
In a major victory for civil rights advocates, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has unanimously refused to reinstate Donald Trump’s executive order that banned people from seven Muslim-...
Noor Zafar on Al Jazeera
February 7, 2017
CCR's Noor Zafar joins Al Jazeera to discuss Trump's Muslim ban. Trouble seeing the video? Watch it here.
Baher Azmy on CBS News
January 30, 2017
“It’s not constitutional… This is a historic act of discrimination that singles out in broad fashion one religion, treats them differently, and is motivated by this venomous dislike for Muslims…...
Pardiss Kebriaei on Democracy Now
February 3, 2017
Questions are mounting about the first covert counterterrorism operation approved by President Donald Trump. Authorities say it was a success.
Vince on AM Joy
January 29, 2017
CCR Executive Director Vincent Warren joined AM Joy to discuss Donald Trump's refugee and Muslim ban.
U.S. Supreme Court
January 26, 2017
After Trump's executive orders making national policy out of anti-Muslim hate, our Supreme Court case Ziglar v. Abbasi (changed from Turkmen v. Ashcroft in November 2016) could not be more timely or...
Vince Warren on Democracy Now
January 26, 2017
Today Donald Trump is flying to Philadelphia, where congressional Republicans are on retreat. He’s going in an effort to win more support for his political agenda. Over the past five days, he has...
November 28, 2016
On November 22, Palestinian human rights groups urged the prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to examine the Israeli closure of the Gaza Strip, which has denied two million Palestinians a...
Katherine Franke on Democracy Now
November 23, 2016
As President-elect Donald Trump’s victory and early Cabinet picks embolden white supremacists and threaten reproductive rights, Democracy Now spoke with Katherine Franke, CCR Board chair and director...


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