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woman holding a sign that reads "Sanctuary Now"
February 10, 2017
Sanctuary cities. Everybody is talking about them. Less than two weeks ago, New York City Mayor de Blasio said “ we will go to court immediately ” if President Trump cuts federal funding because of the Mayor’s sanctuary city executive order. But what exactly are so-called “sanctuary cities?” And, is fighting for the creation of sanctuary cities the same as fighting for cities that actually are safe for immigrant communities in those cities? Sanctuary cities are generally created through two locally adopted practices. First, local authorities decline to pass along to federal agents information...
Letters from Detention
January 27, 2017
Last night, CCR and The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space at WNYC , in association with The Public Theater's Public Forum , hosted an evening of storytelling and conversation about CCR’s Supreme...
Mike Pompeo
January 13, 2017
Congressman Mike Pompeo is ill-suited to be CIA director. His résumé is impressive: West Point valedictorian, Army officer, Harvard Law graduate, successful businessman, and a multi-term congressman...
Starship Enterprise faces the Borg Cube
January 5, 2017
Many of us bid 2016 goodbye with a toast of “good riddance” – what with the deaths of cultural icons like David Bowie and Prince, the Pulse massacre, the horror of Aleppo, and of course the rise of...

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