CCR in the News

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Attorney Shayana Kadidal fields questions regarding Vulcan Soceity v. FDNY.

An up-to-date archive of major press coverage of CCR's work and opinion pieces. Articles are available either on the original publisher's site or as a PDF.

  1. Suit Over Fees For Inmates' Phone Calls is Revived

    The New York Times10/12/2007 - 13:39

    A ruling by the State Court of Appeals overturned decisions by lower courts and ruled that a lower court must hear a suit filed by families of inmates, alleging that the state illegally charged exorbitant…

  2. Finally, The Right Call

    NY Daily News10/12/2007 - 13:37

    Spitzer stops phone companies and state from ripping off N.Y. inmates' families.

  3. Spitzer: Inmate Calls Will Cost Families Less

    Times Union10/12/2007 - 13:35

    Governor Eliot Spitzer says excessive telephone charges paid by the families of state inmates will be reduced by April to the cost of regular calls.

  4. NY Families Victims of Monopoly Contract and Backdoor Tax

    The Immigrant's Journal10/12/2007 - 13:30

    DOCS's monopoly contract with MCI charge the families of prisoners up to 630% more than average consumer rates to accept collect calls from inmates.

  5. Suit Targets Warrantless Wiretaps

    The Los Angeles Times10/12/2007 - 13:24

    A civil liberties group filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department and the National Security Agency in New York, claiming that the U.S. illegally spied on 16 lawyers representing Guantanamo Bay detainees.

  6. The State Secret Priviledge and Executive Misconduct

    Jurist-Legal News and Research10/12/2007 - 13:22

    The U.S. government filed a motion to dismiss a CCR lawsuit against the National Security Agency's warrantless wiretapping program.

  7. For His Eyes Only: Bush's Secret Crimes

    The Nation10/12/2007 - 13:20

    On behalf of the Bush administration, the Justice Department claims that efforts to challenge the US domestic wiretapping program constitutes a threat to national security.

  8. Magistrate Rules that Government Must Reveal Monitoring

    The New York TImes10/12/2007 - 13:18

    Federal magistrate in Brooklyn ruled that lawyers defending Ashcroft and other top officials must answer the question of whether or not the U.S. trial team and likely witnesses were aware of secret government monitoring of…

  9. Suits Seek End to Warrantless Wiretaps

    The Associated Press10/12/2007 - 13:16

    Two groups claim domestic spying program violated privacy

  10. Two Groups Planning to Sue over Federal Eavesdropping

    The New York Times10/12/2007 - 13:03

    Two leading civil rights groups plan to file lawsuits against the Bush administration over its domestic spying program.