CCR in the News

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Attorney Shayana Kadidal fields questions regarding Vulcan Soceity v. FDNY.

An up-to-date archive of major press coverage of CCR's work and opinion pieces. Articles are available either on the original publisher's site or as a PDF.

  1. Unocal Case Arises from 1789 Statute

    The Los Angeles Times10/16/2007 - 12:50

    CCR uses alien tort claims act to fight human rights abuses.

  2. Detainees Offer Glimpse of Life in NY Facility

    The Washington Post10/16/2007 - 12:49

    CCR announces that it will bring law suit against federal officials for abuses against detainees.

  3. Civil Rights Group to Sue Over U.S. Handling of Muslim Men

    The New York Times10/16/2007 - 12:47

    CCR prepares class action law suit accusing the government of arbitrarily holding Muslim prisoners without trial in wake of September 11.

  4. Court Says Paramilitary Commander Must Be Tried in U.S. Before Returning to Haiti.

    The New York Times10/16/2007 - 12:45

    State Supreme Court orders that Haitian commander Toto must stand trial in U.S.

  5. 'Supermax' Transfers Must Get Hearing

    Associated Press10/16/2007 - 12:44

    6th U.S. circuit court of appeals rules that prison inmates cannot be transferred to a super-maximum prison without a hearing.

  6. Soldiers Challenging Stop Loss Policy

    The Boston Globe10/16/2007 - 12:42

    CCR brings first class action law suit on behalf of 8 U.S. soldiers subject to stop loss orders.

  7. Eight Soldiers Plan to Sue Over Army Tours of Duty

    The New York Times10/16/2007 - 12:41

    CCR provides legal support for 8 U.S. soldiers prevented from returning home to challenge the army's stop-loss policy.

  8. Ex- Detainees Sue Companies for their Role in Abuse Case

    The New York Times10/16/2007 - 12:38

    Titan Corporation and CACI International Inc. accused of illegal conduct in Iraq. 

  9. Two Contractors Accused of Roles in Iraq Jail Abuse

    Wall Street Journal10/16/2007 - 12:36

    Human Rights lawyers file suit against two U.S. defense contractors in Iraq for alleged roles in abuse in Iraq.

  10. 12 Detainees Sue Rumsfeld in Germany, Citing Abuse

    The New York Times10/16/2007 - 12:34

    Lawyers ask German prosecutor to investigate Rumsfeld and other officials for war crimes in Iraq and Cuba.