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Attorney Shayana Kadidal fields questions regarding Vulcan Soceity v. FDNY.

An up-to-date archive of major press coverage of CCR's work and opinion pieces. Articles are available either on the original publisher's site or as a PDF.

  1. FDNY Pool More Diverse

    Newsday12/10/2007 - 13:44

    Mayor Bloomberg claims progress in diversification of FDNY, but the Center for Constitutional Rights and the Vulcan Society remain skeptical.

  2. Prosecutors Reject Rumsfeld Case

    Washington Post12/10/2007 - 13:35

    The Paris prosecutors' office has dismissed a suit against Donald Rumsfeld accusing the former U.S. defense secretary of toture, human rights groups who brought the case said yesterday.

  3. Some Cleared Guantanamo Inmates Stay in Custody

    Boston Globe12/10/2007 - 13:25

    About a quarter of the detainees who were cleared to leave the Guantanamo Bay prison after hearings in 2005 and 2006 remain in custody, raising questions among inmates and their lawyers about the legitimacy of…

  4. Coalition Rips ICE's Raids as Illegal and Unfair

    Daily News12/10/2007 - 13:20

    An anti-raids coalition in New York, of which the Center for Constitutional Rights is a member, has put out a document denouncing the excessive force and flagrant violation of rights that have become the trademarks…

  5. Torture Complaint Against Rumsfeld Filed in France

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette11/15/2007 - 16:43

    CCR and human rights groups have filed a complaint in France accusing former defense secretary Donald Rumsfled of war crimes.

  6. Suit Accuses Blackwater of War Crimes in Shooting Deaths

    New York Times11/15/2007 - 16:36

    The Center for Constitutional Rights has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Iraqi shooting victims' families charging U.S. private military contractor Blackwater with war crimes.

  7. U.S. Judge Dismisses Suit Against Israeli General

    The Jewish Daily Forward10/16/2007 - 12:57

    Judge dismisses war crimes case brought by Lebanese citizens against Israeli official Ya'alon.

  8. Big Oil and an Activist's Death

    The Boston Globe10/16/2007 - 12:55

    Suit on behalf of activist Ken Saro Wiwa seeks to hold multi-national corporation Shell responsible

  9. Fire Department is Investigated Over Bias in Hiring Practices

    The New York Times10/16/2007 - 12:53

    CCR represents Vulcan Society in arguing that the fire department's testing methods violate the civil rights of black applicants.

  10. Art Vendors Vindicated

    Newsday10/16/2007 - 12:52

    Court of Appeals upholds the right of vendors to sell art in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art without a permit.