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Guantanamo Bay Habeas Decision Scorecard

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This scorecard provides an overview of habeas case outcomes for men who have been illegally detained at the detention facility in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.  In chronological order, the scorecard includes the petitioner’s name, ISN (internment serial number), country of citizenship, habeas case decision (including the judge and date), and the appeal and detention status of each case.  Links to the opinions are listed below.

CCR's Habeas Scorecard image


Numerical Summary as of May 30, 2011:

Total Habeas Cases Decided: 63

Habeas Cases Granted in D.D.C.: 38

Habeas Cases Denied in D.D.C.: 25

Habeas Grants after Appeals Decisions: 32

Habeas Denials after Appeals (and Remand) Decisions: 27

Habeas Granted and Released: 26

Habeas Granted and Still Detained: 4

Current Guantanamo Population: 169

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