Letter: CCR Opposes Controversial "Ag-gag" Bill -- Law Would Threaten Free Speech, Make Animal Cruelty Investigations Impossible

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May 10, 2013 -- Today, the Center for Constitutional Rights joined the mounting opposition to so-called "ag-gag" legislation--state laws that would criminalize undercover investigations into factory farms and slaughterhouses.  In a letter to North Carolina Senators Goolsby, Newton, and Brunstetter, CCR noted that the proposed bill threatens a wide array of public interests, including animal welfare, civil liberties, workers' rights, and the environment.  "It is no secret that animals are mistreated in factory farms and slaughterhouses," CCR wrote.  "[I]n recent months, five individuals in North Carolina have been convicted of animal cruelty on the basis of the kind of undercover footage that would be outlawed by SB 648."  Moreover, CCR continued, "[i]n outlawing 'false statements or representations,' and the 'record[ing]' and 'manipula[tion]' of images and sounds...SB 648 runs afoul of the First Amendment."

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