Stop Evictions from Tent Camps in Haiti

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The situation of forced evictions from Haiti’s Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps has grown even more critical since President Michel “Sweet Mickey” Martelly took office this May. Martelly has pledged to close all camps within six months, without providing a realistic, concrete relocation plan for residents. Government officials have already unlawfully closed at least three camps, forcing around 1,000 residents out of provisional shelter without any alternative housing. On May 19, Martelly announced to a settlement on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince that they would be evicted in weeks to make room for a factory, and made no mention of alternative housing. The settlement has 100,000 residents.


US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made recent remarks that the US wants “to do everything we can to be a good partner for Haiti.”  But supporting Martelly’s plans for evictions does not translate into being a good partner to Haiti’s poor majority. Martelly’s written plan for relocating people have not been made in consultations with any camps or grassroots organizations and has been criticized as vague and unrealistic. Please call the State Department and urge them to 1) condemn the recent forced evictions and 2) promote a new participatory relocation plan that fulfill human rights standards in direct consultation with Haitian camp leaders --particularly women leaders-- and grassroots movements.

Call the State Department at 202-647-5291 and press 1 for the comment line.

Suggested comment:

Hi, my name is  _____ and I want to leave a comment about the evictions taking place from Haitian camps for Internally Displaced Persons. I’m aware of the recent violent evictions from camps in Port au Prince in the last few weeks as well as threats of more evictions of various camps and am deeply concerned. Also, President Martelly’s so-called 100-day resettlement plan is centered on plans to close 6 camps but it does not ensure that peoples’ rights to remain in the camps until adequate alternative housing is secured will be respected. I urge the State Department to condemn the recent forced evictions and promote a new participatory relocation plan that adheres to international human rights standards, ensures adequate housing and is created through direct consultation with Haitian camp leaders—particularly women leaders-- and grassroots movements. Thank you.