Speak Out Against Discriminatory Federal Prison Units

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Please join CCR in speaking out against the Communications Management Units (CMUs). The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has reopened a comment period about these experimental prison units, where prisoners are given extremely limited access to calls and visits and are deprived of any physical contact with visiting loved ones, without due process. This is the second comment period, and the deadline is March 25, a week from tomorrow. If you didn’t have a chance to share your comments during the first comment period, or would like to supplement your previous comments, please submit a comment. These prisoners need your voice.


Since 2006, the BOP has operated CMUs in Marion, IL and Terre Haute, IN. Two-thirds of CMU prisoners are Muslim, and others have been sent to the CMUs in retaliation for their political and religious speech. CCR is challenging these unconstitutional policies and practices in Aref v. Holder.
You may remember, back in 2010, we invited you to send your comments to the BOP to express your concerns about the CMUs. Over 700 people submitted comments, and since then we’ve been waiting for the BOP to finally publish a final, publicly-available rule about the operation of the CMUs. Almost four years later – and almost eight years after the BOP first opened the units – that rule still has not been finalized. But last week, the BOP opened up another 14-day period of public comment on the CMUs.  Let’s make a strong showing that people remain just as opposed to these isolated, restrictive, and discriminatory prison units as they did in 2010!
Here’s the proposed rule. You can learn more about the CMUs, and our clients, in this 2011 Nation article.