Sign the Petition for an Apology to Maher Arar

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Sign the petition for an apology to Maher Arar.


Many of you took action alongside CCR for years as we fought in and out of the courts for justice for Maher Arar, a Canadian citizen who the US government subjected to extraordinary rendition, resulting in his torture and imprisonment in a tiny underground cell for nearly a year in Syria. CCR filed Arar v. Ashcroft in 2004 and until the US Supreme Court denied our appeal in 2010, thereby ending our legal case, CCR supporters signed petitions, attended protests, and talked to your friends and family about Maher’s case. Despite our lawsuit and all of the attention and activism around Maher’s case, the United States still refuses to apologize or provide any other form of redress to Maher. Amnesty International, in communication with CCR, has been circulating a petition to demand that the US government apologize and provide other forms of redress to Maher. The goal is to reach 100,000 signatures by May 21 in order to pressure President Obama to issue an apology to Maher on June 26, International Day in Support of Victims of Torture.  We urge you to sign the petition and pass it on. Also, look for further action alerts and news updates regarding this push for an apology for Maher on CCR’s twitter and facebook accounts in May and June.

If you haven’t yet seen Prism, the online non-profit magazine focusing on human rights and national security issues that  Maher launched, please take a look at this important new resource.

Thanks again for your support and for signing the petition to apologize to Maher.