Take Action: Obama Administration Stands by Bush Officials in Maher Arar's Case

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The Obama Administration has asked the Supreme Court to reject Maher Arar's civil lawsuit to hold former Bush officials accountable for his rendition and torture. Please write to Obama today to register your dismay at their position regarding this critical lawsuit.


On May 12, 2010, the Obama administration went on record for the first time in the case of Arar v. Ashcroft, CCR's ongoing fight to hold Bush officials accountable for the rendition and torture of Canadian citizen Maher Arar.  The Supreme Court will be considering whether or not to hear the case.  The Obama administration did not need to get involved, but it has chosen to come to the defense of Bush administration officials by opposing Mr. Arar's petition and arguing that even if these officials conspired to send him to torture, they should not be held accountable by the courts.

We know many of you have been closely following this case, which goes far beyond what happened to Canadian citizen Maher Arar and poses the fundamental question, "Can government officials who knowingly conspired to break domestic and international laws forbidding torture be held accountable for their illegal actions?"

Please take action today; let the Obama administration know there are many people that still care deeply about what happened to Mr. Arar and countless others and we have not given up on the struggle for justice and accountability for torture.  Please write to the White House now and ask the Obama administration why they are still protecting Bush officials who broke the law.

Please see our case page for more legal information and to watch CCR Senior Staff Attorney and Mr. Arar's lawyer Maria LaHood explain the background of the case and what is at stake with our petition to the Supreme Court.