Tell the Department of Justice to Uphold Due Process in Federal Prisons

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Stand with CCR in demanding that  the Department of Justice uphold due process and treatment in the Communications Management Units and the federal prison system.


In 2006 and 2008, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP or “Bureau”) secretly created the Communications Management Units (CMUs), prison units designed to isolate and segregate certain prisoners in the federal prison system from the rest of the BOP population. Individuals detained in the CMUs are mostly Muslim and are limited in their communications and contact to the outside world. Unlike other prisoners in the federal system, CMU prisoners are categorically denied any physical contact with family members and are forbidden from hugging, touching or embracing their children, spouses or loved ones during visits. The CMUs are an experiment in social isolation.

The Bureau claims that CMUs are designed to hold dangerous terrorists and other high-risk inmates, requiring heightened monitoring of their external and internal communications. Many prisoners, however, are sent to these isolation units for their constitutionally protected religious beliefs, unpopular political views, or in retaliation for challenging poor treatment or other rights violations in the federal prison system.

Tell the Department of Justice to uphold due process and fair treatment and demand that:

  1. Everyone, including CMU prisoners, receive their constitutional rights to due process and equal treatment; and
  2. Either CMUs must meet Constitutional standards and the BOP’s own standards, or they should be shut down completely.

Send a letter to the Department of Justice  now.

Thank you for standing with us in the fight to uphold due process and fair treatment.