Close Guantanamo Solidarity Actions

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  • Close Guantanamo
  • Close Guantanamo
  • Close Guantanamo
  • Close Guantanamo
  • Close Guantanamo
  • Close Guantanamo
Guantánamo Solidarity Actions

Commit to remembering the men still trapped in Guantánamo and to do your part to help shut down the notorious prison. The U.S. government practice of indefinitely imprisoning individuals without charge or trial must come to an end. Guantánamo is now President Obama's prison, and the Obama administration must fulfill its broken promise to close Guantánamo once and for all.

1. Write to your Government
President Obama Sign and share our letter, President Obama: Release Yemeni Men, Close Guantanamo.
Secretary of State
John Kerry
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington DC 20520
Demand that the State Department transfer detained men who are cleared for release and have countries willing to accept them. Also, ask the State Department to announce an end to forced repatriations of men to countries where they fear torture.
Attorney General Eric Holder
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington DC 20530
Public Comment Line: (202) 353 1555 |
Hold U.S. officials accountable for torture & other serious violations of international law at Guantánamo & other U.S. detention sites.
Appoint an Independent Prosecutor with a full mandate to investigate & prosecute those responsible for torture & other war crimes, as far up the chain of command as the facts may lead.
Reverse its policy of opposing civil actions brought against U.S. officials by victims of the U.S. torture program or families of those who died at Guantánamo.
Federal Bureau of Prisons
320 First St. NW
Washington DC 20534
(202) 307-3198 |
GTMO is only part of the problem of a larger unjust US detention system. Tens of thousands of individuals are held in solitary confinement in America’s prison system. Like water boarding, prolonged solitary confinement does not leave marks on the body, but it does constitute severe torture. Contact the Federal Bureau of Prisons and the Department of Justice and demand an end to prolonged solitary confinement.
2. Spread the Word Online
Follow CCR on Facebook

Follow CCR on Twitter: @theCCR and tweet #CloseGitmo

Change your social media profile picture to this image saying “Close Guantanamo, No More Excuses”.
3. Hold a Vigil
Demonstrate and be seen! Organize a local vigil or demonstration.

Choose a strategic location: outside the office of your federal Senators or Representatives, a courthouse, or a busy location. It doesn’t have to be big for you to be seen in your community.

Wear orange or black.

Download and print signs for your demonstration from our resources below.

Publicize your event to the media.
resources to print and share

Fact Sheet: Gitmo by the Numbers

Printable Materials:

Close Gitmo Poster
"Faces of Guantánamo" Brochure (print this booklet two-sided and staple down the side)
Posters Demanding Freedom for four Yemeni Detainees


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