Williams, An-Tuan

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Bertha Justice Institute Program Associate/ Ella Baker Summer Internship Coordinator


An-Tuan Williams joined the Center for Constitutional Rights in October of 2007, shortly after completing an eight month internship with the Center. He currently holds a degree in Paralegal Studies from the City University of New York College of Technology and has a special interest in issues pertaining to racial and gender justice, the expansion of executive power, mass incarceration, the repression of undocumented persons, and the expansion of corporate rights into constitutional rights.

Prior to becoming the full time coordinator of the Ella Baker Summer Internship Program, An-Tuan held the title of Administrative Associate in the Center’s Education and Outreach Department. There, he coordinated several CCR events including panel discussions, press conferences, film screenings, CLE’s, rallies, and fundraisers. He played integral roles in the development of CCR educational materials and has worked on several campaigns including CCR’s historic Prison Telephone Campaign, the Campaign to End the Use of Private Military Contractors, the 100 Days Campaign to Restore the Constitution, and Communities United for Police Reform.

An-Tuan enjoys engaging in organizing and community-driven strategy/ tactical planning sessions, specifically in the area of policing and government accountability. He enjoys speaking out publicly about the racially fueled egregious/ abusive practices of local law. He also enjoys visiting law schools to talk about the Center’s legal internship programs and fellowships.

An-Tuan is an avid animal lover and an unwavering supporter of human rights for all. He is proud to be a member of the CCR team and honored to continue Ella Baker’s legacy of coordinating and organizing great minds from all spheres of the social justice world-- activist and attorneys alike. Like Ella Baker, An-Tuan is a stout believer that the power needed for significant change exists in members of affected communities and the youth, rather than in centralized leadership, and that strong people don’t need strong leaders. In his spare time he likes to get in tune with the energy of the Universe, kickbox, and spend as much time as possible with loved-ones.