Williams, An-Tuan

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Bertha Justice Institute Program Associate/ Ella Baker Summer Internship Coordinator


An-Tuan Williams joined the Center for Constitutional Rights in October of 2007. As Program Associate, he plays an integral role in developing all BJI events, publications, and has worked for many years on the Ella Baker Program and several CCR campaigns including the Prison Telephone Campaign, the Campaign to End the Use of Private Military Contractors, the 100 Days Campaign to Restore the Constitution, and Communities United for Police Reform. In addition, An-Tuan is co-organizer of the BJI’s Freedom Flicks film series. An-Tuan is an avid animal lover and an unwavering supporter of human rights for all. Similar to late civil rights defender Ella Josephine Baker, An-Tuan is a stout believer that the power needed for significant change exists in members of affected communities and the youth, rather than in centralized leadership, and that strong people don’t need strong leaders.

He currently holds a degree in Paralegal Studies from the City University of New York.