Farah, Omar

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Staff Attorney, Guantanamo Global Justice Initiative


Omar Farah joined the Center for Constitutional Rights in 2012 as a staff attorney in the Guantanamo Global Justice Initiative. Omar was previously in private practice, working mostly in the area of international commercial arbitration. Since 2008, he has represented several prisoners detained at Guantanamo Bay in habeas corpus litigation in federal court.

At CCR, Omar continues to represent Guantanamo prisoners in habeas corpus challenges and in resettlement efforts, focusing on Guantanamo's predominantly Yemeni population. He is counsel in Al-Hamiri v. Obama, the case of a Yemeni man wrongfully arrested in Pakistan while seeking medical treatment, but who remains at Guantanamo despite being cleared for transfer. He is counsel in Ba Odah v. Obama, the case of another uncharged Yemeni man who has been on a hunger-strike since February 2007 to protest his imprisonment.  Omar is also counsel to Fahd Ghazy, one of the last remaining men at Guantanamo to have been detained as a juvenile. Omar comments regularly on Guantanamo and related national security matters. Beyond his Guantanamo work, Omar focuses on a range of CCR's litigation and advocacy in response to abusive counterterrorism practices. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Georgetown University Law Center.