Rhonda Copelon Honored by Feminist Press

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Feminist Press

October, 2009
The Center for Constitutional Rights is proud to share with you the news that a much loved member of our community received a much deserved honor: former CCR staff attorney and long standing board member Rhonda Copelon was honored with the Crossing Borders award by CUNY's Feminist Press on October 22, 2009 at their 39th anniversary Gala. Joining Rhonda in the honors were Kirsten Gillibrand, Arianna Huffington, and Taslima Nasrin. The Crossing Borders award recognizes individuals whose leadership promotes women's equality and who, themselves, have not only crossed the border delineating equal opportunity but have opened it up for others to follow. Rhonda Copelon has helped develop some of the most critical domestic and international laws affecting women, such as domestic violence legislation and rape as a crime of war.