Raphael Lemkin Human Rights Award

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Rabbis for Human Rights - North America

December, 2006
CCR was honored as the first-ever organization to receive the Raphael Lemkin Human Rights Award. Raphael Lemkin, born to Jewish parents in eastern Poland, was a lawyer who dedicated his life to preserving human rights and preventing genocide, a term he coined in 1943. He played an instrumental role in the United Nations General Assembly’s 1948 adoption of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

CCR was presented the award in recognition of its steadfast defense of civil and human rights and of its position at the forefront of the movement to hold the United States government legally accountable for torture and human rights violations post-9/11 at Guantánamo Bay and elsewhere.

CCR President Michael Ratner was honored to accept this award on behalf of the Center.