National Peacemaker Award

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Awarded From

Houston Peace and Justice Center

November, 2008
CCR recently received the National Peacemaker Award from the Houston Peace and Justice Center. Pardiss Kebriaei, an attorney in CCR's Guantanamo Global Justice Initiative, accepted the award.  The Houston-based honorees were The Rothko Chapel, University of Houston Students Against Sweatshops, and Alice Valdez, Director of MECA.

Prior honorees have been Cindy Sheehan, Father Roy Bourgeois, founder of the campaign to close the School of the Americas, and Rep. Barbara Lee, the only member of Congress to oppose authorizing the invasion of Afghanistan.  Outstanding Houston-based activists will also be honored at the event at the Hilton Hotel on the University of Houston campus.

Please visit HPJC’s website ( for more information.